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The Blowin' Smoke Podcast

May 27, 2013

Fresh from Cigar Crawl recovery and rehab, the Cretins gathered for Blowin' Smoke #181. 

With a clear cut winner in the last Cigar Match three-way, a new Cigar of the Day challenger was sparked up...the new Leccia Tobacco White Toro. How did it perform for the Cretins? 

There was talk of the Cigar Crawl, the great...

May 5, 2013

More fun than a weekend corn dog binge, it's Blowin' Smoke #180! 

With a beautiful day in the neighborhood, the Cretins assembled to offer thoughtful insight on a new Cigar of the Day from Alec Bradley, cigar gizmos they wish somebody would invent, and the value of giant bananas with dreadlocks. Plus, we talked about...