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The Blowin' Smoke Podcast

Mar 24, 2013

Fresh back from the Cretin conclave election of Maximus Motorboatus I, and the DC Cigar Tweet-Up, with a bench warrant for a certain groundhog, it's Blowin' Smoke #177! 

When it comes to herfs, we always say it's about the people. That was certainly true with the great folks we met during our road trip to the nation's...

Mar 10, 2013

With a tease of spring in the air, the holy Cretins gathered for a herf with a purpose...Blowin' Smoke #176! 

As the dudes in funny hats gathered in Rome, the dudes with the funky smell gathered in the Havana Room. Turns out they were herfing a cigar called Cardinal, and that gave the Cretins an idea...a really lame...