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The Blowin' Smoke Podcast

Jun 24, 2012

The quick cure for the summertime Blowin' Smoke #159! 

The Cretins arrived in the toasty Havana Room feeling a disturbance in the Force. What made their herf senses tingle? With cold brews cracked, they set forth to find out. Sparking a new Cigar of the Day for review, we talked about some new cigars to...

Jun 11, 2012

Asking the question, "What was he thinking?" It's Blowin' Smoke #158! 

Joining the Council of Cretins in the hot and sticky Havana Room, Gary Griffith of Emilio Cigars talked about his company, his cigars, the business, his big sword, and more. He certainly raised the collective IQ level of the Cretins. We rewarded...