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The Blowin' Smoke Podcast

Dec 30, 2012

Herfin' out's Blowin' Smoke #171! 

The end of the year always brings a lot of lists. Top this and best that. Worst this and favorite that. They're everywhere. The Cretins wanted a cut of that action. So, they checked their credit card statements, scoured the car seats for cigar bands, and thought long and...

Dec 16, 2012

Thinking about that fat guy in red, the Cretins gathered with their selfish wish lists in one hand and cigars in the other for Blowin' Smoke #170. 

Two is usually better than one. Two fingers of bourbon. Two for one draught beer. Two boobs. And two cigars for the Cigar of the Day. So, that's what we did with the...

Nov 25, 2012

Post-turkey day herfing in the Havana Room means a cigar break from leftovers and Blowin' Smoke #169! 

As snowflakes covered the well-fertilized lawn outside herf central, the Cretins sparked up a new Cigar of the Day, and welcomed @DoctorVoiceover - Warren back to spotlight our 7 lucky contest winners and their...

Nov 11, 2012

Did somebody say "cake?" 

You bet your robusto, and that could mean only one thing...The Blowin' Smoke Podcast Big Ass 7th Birthday Show live from Slippery Rock Cigars

Armed with multiple mystery Cigars of the Day, home brew, pulled pork sammiches, and a great crowd, we celebrated another fun-filled year of good...

Oct 28, 2012

When a Frankenstorm approaches, we herf! It's Blowin' Smoke #167. 

What a great day for a herf. Cold, wind, rain, and dreary outside, and a whole bunch of great people with fine cigars inside. The Havana Room snack table was overflowing and the big coffee urn was brought out of hibernation as we lit up a new Cigar of...