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The Blowin' Smoke Podcast

Jan 24, 2011

Single digit temps outside and double digit IQs inside means it's Blowin' Smoke #125! 

On a cold cold football weekend, the very nipply Cretins managed to stay warm enough to herf many fine cigars including a new Cigar of the Day for review...the Warlock Robusto. While the pulled pork was waiting, we also gave away...

Jan 9, 2011

New year - same sick, twisted Cretins! It's Blowin' Smoke #124! 

Keeping with our new year resolution to keep herfin' and keep Blowin' Smoke, we gathered once again in the famous Havana Room for great cigars and a ton of BS. Thanks to our friends on Twitter, much of the dialog went downhill "faster than a wagon full...