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Tom Person of Commonwealth Cedar Spill.



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Blowin Smoke #220 is here! 

Cigar of the Day - CAO Flathead Steel Horse Roadkill 

Plus talking sports spectating and cigars, and food at The Masters along with Clint Aaron of 262 Cigars

More Smoke Buzz with Chris Kelly. 

Tom Person from Commonwealth Cedar Spills with contest chatter, and a variety of stories about things you should not do with items like metal rings and vegetables and poo. 

All this and more! It is Blowin Smoke #220! 

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Do you want a receipt with that virus?

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Enrique Sanchez of 1502 Cigars takes the stand.

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Words with flu!

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We are not sure if that rodent was right about an early spring, but we were herfin in 60+ degrees in February. No complaints from the Cretins for Blowin Smoke 219! 

IF spring is right around the corner, so is St. Patricks Day and that means the annual release of the Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan. We grabbed a fistful for the Cigar of the Day along with our local Alec Bradley rep Ryan to join us in the Havana Room for some herfications and conversation. 

We also talked to Tom of Commonwealth Cedar Spills about some new stuff he has for you, including many that benefit Cigars for Warriors. Plus, we got the ball rolling on a contest that you could win. Listen to find out how. 

Clint Aaron of 262 Cigars joined us as well to talk about a promotion he has happening where you could be part of a 2017 release blending process. Cool! 

Plus, a new Smoke Buss with Chris Kelly, some weird news, what the chicks are reading, and more. 

It is all here! So, grab a stogie, light up, and join the herf. It is Blowin Smoke 219! 

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Black coffee matters.

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Open up and say...

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Here's a story... It's Blowin' Smoke Roadkill #2!

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New year...same odd smell coming from the Havana Room. That could only mean Blowin Smoke 218! 

While most of the east coast was digging out of a major snowstorm, the Cretins were herfing with virtually zero snow on the ground. Since that situation is usually the opposite, excuse us while we enjoy our lack of shoveling, spinning tires and falling on our collective arses. 

To celebrate, a new Cigar of the Day...the My Father El Centurion H-2K-CT box pressed toro. Was it worthy of the no snow celebration? 

We also talked about our recent Prime Nine cigars of 2015, and connected with Chris Kelly of Leaf Lovers Tobacconist for a new Smoke Buzz report. Plus, some weird news, what the chicks are reading in the latest Cosmo, and a new 5 Things. 

So, depending on where you are, light one up with us with your feet up, or light one up with us while you shovel your driveway for the fourth time. It is Blowin Smoke 218!

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